You are looking for a committed tax consultant with excellent competence in supporting and representing you in your activities?

We offer our individual and wide range of services to regionally and internationally operating companies across numerous industries as well as to selected private clients. Our office is known for its high-quality tax and business consultancy in Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

In addition to classic tax and business consultancy, we also support you in your cross-border activities, for example in opening new markets in Turkey, Asia and the Middle East or operating an office or plant outside Germany. This is why we also offer our services in Turkish and English.

We consider ourselves not only your tax consultant but also your personal manager on site. Benefit from of our many years of experience in supporting SMEs and companies with a group structure and take a closer look at our dynamic and future-oriented services.

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Taxes and Finance

Annual accounts and tax declaration

Based on your bookkeeping data, we competently and in a timely fashion generate your financial statements. Clear and straightforward communication is decisive for the optimal determination of your tax obligation – in this respect, our many years of experience in serving clients across the whole range of business segments and industries form the basis for us to speak a common language.

Our services for you:

  • Generating financial statements in compliance with commercial and fiscal law
  • Preparing all regular tax declarations
  • Collaborating consultants in preparing financial statements

Representation of interests

In cases where you expect an external tax audit or are involved in proceedings to be decided by a finance court, it is fundamental to have a reliable partner representing you professionally in order to pursue your goals. To this end, we discuss with you the best possible options, taking your individual situation into consideration.

Our services for you:

  • Criminal tax law – support in complicated tax-related situations
  • Support in external tax audits
  • Representation in dealing with financial authorities and finance courts

Financial accounting

Benefit from a sustainable relief in the entry and processing of your finances. We take on your bookkeeping in German and English so that, by using standards, you as well as your branches, business partners and investors outside of Germany have the same knowledge base. In times of continued globalisation, this universality is essential for your success. Together with you, we will configure your personal and individual service package, for example, with a cost-performance calculation and monthly reporting.

Our services for you:

  • Bookkeeping in German and English
  • Monthly reporting
  • Cost-performance calculation

Personnel accounting

Continuous changes in social security laws and legislation have made wage and salary accounting one of the most complex and sensitive topics so that qualified and reliable processing is indispensable. The importance of correct personnel accounting is often underestimated, which, in the long term, causes many unpleasant surprises.

In addition to due preparation of statements, we also take on the payment transations and declarations of the relevant data to the social security institutions and domestic revenue office. We also support you in audits regarding social insurance contributions as well as in wage and salary (payroll) taxes.

Our services for you:

  • Wage and salary accounting
  • Processing payments
  • Wages in the construction industry
  • Declaration of relevant data to the social security institutions and domestic revenue office
  • Support in audits regarding social insurance contributions as well as wage and salary taxes


Business consulting

We advise companies not only on the set-up, financing model and selection of the tax-optimal legal form but also on the operations and organisation as well as reorganisation plans and succession planning. We offer these consulting services not only in Germany but also for branches and plants abroad or to clients who intend to expand to other countries.

By performing a solid and comprehensive analysis of your financial situation, we also offer you our business consulting services with respect to company planning or development, for example, regarding the acquisition or sale of business segments.

Our services for you:

  • Selection of the legal form, tax burden compensation
  • Company planning
  • Investment consulting
  • Financing models
  • Tax-optimised company financing models
  • Company organisation / inventory management
  • Cost accounting
  • Reorganisation consulting
  • Qualified succession planning consulting
  • Acquisition and sale of companies
  • Company assessment
  • Transfer and closure of enterprises

Succession planning

Without doubt, succession planning is a sensitive, intensive topic, which is indispensable especially in consideration of tax regulations. In this respect, it is important to avoid unnecessary complications and set up a concept that is fair to all parties involved.

In addition to company planning, we also support you in your personal succession planning. This includes, for example, the representation of the optimal assets and liabilities structure and the tax-optimal drafting of testaments.

Our services for you:

  • Representation of the optimal assets and liabilities structure / company structure
  • Tax-optimal drafting of testaments
  • Tax solutions for the administration of estates and inheritance disputes
  • Planning for anticipated successions



1. Notary contract
2. Bank account opening with minimum equity of 25,000 Euro
3. Getting registered in the companies’ register
4. Opening balance sheet to apply for

• German tax number
• European Union tax number
• customs number

  • Company‘s address in Germany
  • Shareholder‘s ID
  • Company‘s activity
  • Amount of the equity
  • Commercial title
  • Selecting the CEO
  • The CEO is personally responsible for the property
  • In case the bureaucratic rules are not followed and the taxes are not payed, the company will be audited and get closed down due to the tax liability
  • Tax liability may cause problems with the entry into Germany
  • Better chances for your image to thrive in Germany
  • Almost 50% price difference
  • Investor receives a permanent resident visa in Germany
  • Low-interest loans in Germany
  • Possibility of having property in Germany


Profile of Fatma Özkul

My tax consulting experience is the basis for my competent support. Profound know-how is a central component of our office philosophy. After passing my tax consultant examinations, I joined the tax consultants bureau ADS in Frankfurt/Main as head of department and was given the opportunity to support and represent the whole spectrum of enterprises from small businesses to companies with a group structure.

This category of clients has remained the focus of our everyday business. In addition to this, we support internationally operating companies, both in English and Turkish.

In doing so, our office follows the guiding principle of continuing education and training: Our industry is subject to continuous change caused by legislative modifications. Therefore, this principle is the basis for success-oriented consulting.




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